Dog Poop Removal in West Lafayette, Indiana

The Best Pet Waste Removal in Indiana

It’s not often discussed, but dog poop is a major problem that all dog owners have to deal with. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also pose serious risks to the health of your yard and family when left unaddressed. To help you take care of the mess before it becomes an issue, Scoop Force offers dog poop removal services in West Lafayette, Indiana. Read on to get the inside scoop on our services, then contact us to get started!

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Dog Poop — A Bigger Problem Than You Think

Dog poop may seem like a small issue, but it can have detrimental consequences for your health and the environment. In addition to the unpleasant sight and smell of pet waste, it can also contain harmful bacteria and parasites. These can spread diseases such as E. coli, salmonella, and giardia, which is why it’s so important to clean up your dog’s waste regularly.

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Convenient Scheduling

At Scoop Force, we understand that dog owners are busy, so we offer convenient scheduling options to make pet waste removal a breeze. You can schedule one-time, weekly, twice-a-week, and bi-weekly visits from our uniformed professionals, and we’ll take care of the rest! And you have to do is point us toward the areas that need attention, and we’ll scoop up every last bit of pet waste in no time.

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Budget-Friendly Pricing

We offer affordable pricing for all of our dog poop removal services in West Lafayette, so you can keep your yard clean without breaking the bank. No matter how many dogs you have, you can expect flat rates with no hidden fees or surprise charges. As an added bonus, you can receive up to a 10% discount if you pay 6 months in advance. And if you’re worried about keeping track of payments, don’t be! Simply set up auto-pay and enjoy a poop-free yard all year long!

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West Lafayette’s Cleanup Crew of Choice

When pet owners in West Lafayette need dog waste pickup services, there’s only one company they trust. Since 2016, Scoop Force’s commitment to keeping the city clean and our dedication to customer service have made us the go-to choice among dog owners in the area. Our services are simple, straightforward, and guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

For all your dog poop removal needs in West Lafayette, turn to the company that dog owners love. Contact Scoop Force today and let us take the hassle out of caring for your dogs!

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