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DOG POOP REMOVAL & pick UP - service form

Service Agreement

1. PET WASTE REMOVAL – SCOOP FORCE agrees to cleanup dog waste from property. A specific day of the week is set up in which the service will occur. SCOOP FORCE reserves the right to change the assigned day with prior notice. Customers do not have to be home during the assigned cleanup as long as there is access to the yard and a waste container each visit.

2. BILLING – Invoices will be sent via email. The customer will receive a link to pay online or a check can be mailed to the address provided. If paying online, the customer will have the option to save their card for future payments. SCOOP FORCE DOES NOT have access to that information but can assist with removing a card if necessary. The frequency of billing will be discussed when scheduling the initial cleanup. THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT! Therefore, customers can cancel/suspend service at any time.

3. MULTIPLE MONTH AGREEMENT – For 3 and 6 month or any long-term agreement, full payment is due before service begins. In case of SCOOP FORCE cancelling a visit, customers will receive credit for the missed cleanup. Ask about our discounts!

4. DOGS – We will love to meet and interact with your dogs! Those that are not friendly or good with strangers, we ask that they are put away during service. If SCOOP FORCE is unable to service due to aggressive dog in the service area, the customer will still be charged the normal fee for that day’s waste removal. You may request a text message from SCOOP FORCE before arrival.

5. ACCESS TO SERVICE AREA – It is the customer’s responsibility to assure access to the service area. If area is not accessible during the service day, the customer will be charged the normal fee for that day’s waste removal.

6. HIGH GRASS AND LEAVES – The customer is responsible for keeping the grass at a reasonable level and to keep leaves picked up in the service area. SCOOP FORCE will notify the customer if unable to service area due to high grass and unraked leaves.

7. INCLEMENT WEATHER – SCOOP FORCE operates all year round. If weather conditions prevent servicing on the assigned day, SCOOP FORCE will attempt to schedule a make- up day.

8. CANCELLATION OF SERVICE – It is the customer’s responsibility to cancel service if no longer needed. Notify SCOOP FORCE by calling 765-543-6979.