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Dog Poop Myths Busted

There is no such thing as a “dog poop fairy.” Nobody is going to come and clean up after your dog if you do it yourself. Alongside the “dog poop fairy” there are a number of misconceptions and harmful myths surrounding dog poop that we hope to dispel today. If you’re in need of the best pet waste removal in Indiana, get started today with Scoop Force — Indiana’s best pet waste removal service.


Dog Poop Is Totally Harmless to the Environment

Dog poop is not harmless to the environment, and leaving large quantities of it on the grass or dirt outside can actually be harmful to the environment, other animals, and of course people. When dog poop is left on the ground, it can seep into the soil and contaminate groundwater. And if your dog poop washes into a river or storm drain? That’s just an even bigger environmental problem.


Leaving Dog Poop in the Yard Is Fine

Any dog poop cleanup service will tell you that leaving dog poop in your yard is not fine. A little is okay — so long as you plan on having us clean it up. What’s not fine is a lot of dog poop, which attracts bugs, and rodents, spawns weeds, and generally makes your yard unusable. Dog poop decomposes fast, and smells even worse, so get started with Scoop Force today!


Dog Poop Is Safe

Looking for a source of harmful bacteria, a great way to draw in unwanted pests, or you’re just bent on contaminating the groundwater? Unfortunately, all you have to do to accomplish all of this is to check your yard to see if there are any large quantities of dog poop. Dog poop acts as a great place for soil-transmitted infections (STIs) to thrive. Failing to pick up after your dog could lead to hookworm and roundworm infections for you or your furry friend. Dog poop is not safe, and when you have large amounts of it, you need dog poop cleanup services from Scoop Force. Get started today!


Rodents and Weeds Are Deterred by Dog Poop

Rats, mice, and other rodents are drawn in by the smell of dog poop, according to some scientists. Plus, dog poop contains large amounts of nitrogen and other compounds that feed the soil — and if your dog poop isn’t managed properly, you’ll quickly end up with weeds.

If you're looking for a reliable dog poop cleanup service in Indiana, look no further than Best Pet Waste Removal. We not only pick up and dispose of your dog's waste, but we also help keep your yard free of rodents and weeds that thrive off of dog poop. Get started today and let us help you keep your yard clean and safe!

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